Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Road Trip, Smokey and more.....

Wow, it is good to be home!!! Just got home this evening, so such a good time away, boy child traveled like a pro and it was great to see him with nana (don't get to see that often enough being in different islands!)

Got up to see Smokey every day while in Auckland and we sure pushed that envelope for him riding wise, it was great! Just got an email tonight saying he's getting picked up tomorrow and will be with me on Thursday! WOOHOOOO!!!!!!

Here are some photo's of us :)

my 2nd ride on him, on lead with Fuzzy the lead horse.

His first ride out of the round pen... Sola riding him. Starting off on lead

Finishing up like a big boy...

and photo's after OUR first ride out in the open together, what a wee star, not a worry in the world with him!!!

Have some lovely photo's of him, will sort some more tomorrow :) Mac won't be impressed, but I think I'm in love with 2 boys at one time hehehehe

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