Sunday, November 23, 2008

Teddy Bears Picnic today!

No rain either so it was a nice time in town for Marcus. Got home and rode Mac, still blown away in the difference in his movements with the new saddle on!!! It's funny how bad changes happen bit by bit and creep up on you, and then the good changes seem so dramatic!

Got wee Smokey out of the paddock and took him to the implement shed where I do most of the grooming, tacking up etc.

As you can see in some of the earlier photo's he is used to being in an enclosed pen while being tied up, so being tied up head facing into the shed and bum out into the wide open was something he wasn't too keen on. Did a couple of pullbacks, but stops when the pressure comes on and he can't go further, and then came back up when I asked.

He really enjoys being groomed so that was a nice wee session for him. Picked out his front feet and after a wee hissy fit he had with the farrier yesterday (lets just say it was a graphic reminder from the poor lad that he doesn't trust strangers and ain't that keen on males!) I only did his front ones as I didn't want the new space add worry to his back feet being done, so he was able to stay nice and relaxed but still have his feet lifted in some form.

Got to remind myself to gooooooo sloooooooow with him LOL. But he's such a cool wee guy and smoochy and even tried to sneak in a couple of playful baby bites today hehehe so he's chilling just fine :o)

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