Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Proud Mummy Moments....

This was our 2nd ride I think it was. A little spook when Mr Fuzzy decided he had an itch to reach LOL and that is about as bad as his reactions get! Never any hint of a round back, has an extremely soft mouth, also has that Kai stubbornness that can result in a "I've finished, you can flap those legs all you want but I'm not moving anymore!" hehehe, he'll get out of it!

After that we would start on lead, then take it off and then we ditched Fuzzy the lead horse (in the round pen) then my last day out there with him Sola just walked with us and we went off lead around the track around the paddocks and had a trot out there on our own. He is so sweet!

Can't wait for him to arrive tomorrow, hope the poor wee guy isn't too tired to get on the float!

Mac in the meantime has obviously had far too much grass in the 2 weeks I was away, he's a BLIMP!!!!

Picked up his new saddle today so will have to get on him and work that fat butt off him again!

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