Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The first meeting of the 3 without tape between them was today in the back yard while I shifted Smokey's tape to an area by the house (which incidentally he's already jumped out of when Phoenix the dog charged the fence and him!)

Thankfully all 3 were hungry and interested in the grass so it went off without a hitch. By the time I'd shifted his tape around and gone inside for the camera they were pretty much ignoring each other although as I entered the mix Mac decided to get that little intruder out of the way and squashed him against the fence threatening to kick him. Smokey's only way out was past those rear legs so Mac belted him as he went thru the gap! Lucky for Mac is wasn't hard at all, it was more for show. Mac got told he'll go back in the paddock with no grass if he didn't pull his head in.... head remained pulled in till it was time to go back anyway.

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