Friday, November 21, 2008

and now because since I've gotten home it's been all Smokey...

to catch up on my travels up the North Island!

Of course the first week up there was still all about Smokey LOL, but then I headed to a school fair in Owhango by Mt Ruapehu. Lovely little spot!!!

The fair was small but good fun. Marcus just ran around all day until it was all over and he crashed in the truck.

Had 4 people want me to speak to their critters for them, sold some salt and even some magnets. Swapped some salt for a wheat bag with the young couple next to me (who should have had her baby by now!) and had a lovely catch up with Cara who asked if I'd go up for it!

Moved on to Waitara in Taranaki where I stayed with a goat farming internet friend and she'd organised a talk at her place, talking about how all the communication stuff works, work through any questions the people had and then did a consult on a dog and a horse so they could see how it all worked practically.

Don't know about my long suffering listeners but I enjoyed it!

Pete met us in Taranaki and came home with us from there.

Two days later Smokey is here and the rest as they say is history ;)

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