Friday, November 21, 2008

Pete gets up this morning and says.....

"Hey! Smokeys not in the tape!" Cursing another jumping pony I shot outside at 6.30am and much to my relief he hadn't jumped out but broken the tape instead!

Funny thing is I THINK I know when it was! I went to bed at about 11pm and was "talking" to Smokey but started drifting off to sleep. You know how you're actually still awake as such but you start having dreams as you drift off? Well I had a dream a guy (god knows who!) was yelling at me, really loudly and all of a sudden OUTSIDE of the dream but within my head at the same time Smokey came flying into my vision as if he'd gotten a fright. I thought it was a mental fright perhaps at this man yelling at me in my head but to find him on the wrong side of the tape 7hrs later it may have been about the same time... if it was it's nice to know such a strong link is there when needed!!!

Shot down and got him out of knee deep grass (god bless a little carrot as a bribe!) popped him back in his area and he promptly lay down for a sleep, poor wee boy exhausted himself LOL.

So today we got some new more visable tape and reel (man those are expensive!) and hooked him all up properly, live now too!

Rode Mac for the first time in his new Trainers saddle, man that boy can trot!!! I'd forgotten how forward and bouncy and BIG his trot is until I got a decent fitting saddle on him! Poor patient boy! So now to ride all the fat off him.

Smokey was watching our every move LOL.

Here is the exhausted boy resting...

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