Sunday, December 28, 2008


and if anyone wants to have some instant type chats I have a room at Paltalk where although it's set up with a "Kebzeh" heading the discussion tend to anything spiritual/energy related so feel free to come over and say hi!

I'm 'talks2' over there and am on most evenings at some stage although it does have to work around work waiting!


Gary Baumgarten said...

When is the room open?

KA said...

Hi Gary thanks for your questions, unfortunately there is no time set in concrete... In NZ time I am TRYING to have it open between 3-6pm as I believe for a lot of people in the USA that is around 9pm-12am. I then endevour to open again a couple of hours later but this is dependent on whether I have animals waiting for consults as this is my main work time.