Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hay Time!

Well our hay has been cut! WOOHOOO! Hopefully baled tomorrow before the rain that's due to hit!

Mac is still is same super confident, sweet honey and I can't believe something as simple as Smokey arriving would lift all that pressure and we can soar higher than we were before!

Smokey is working through some trust and baby issues. Not enjoying having his bridle put on which means if he sees me coming with a lead rope he's not particularly fond of responding then either LOL. He'll get there, he's such a sweet baby.

Phoenix my big girl (bullmastiff) got 2 grass seeds in her eye on Christmas Eve (what a Murpheys Law time to get them!) So she sat with a swollen eye she wouldn't open for 3 days till the vets were open again silly girl! Should have zonked her out with a bottle of whiskey and I could have pulled them out myself, they were the full blown big suckers sitting in those folds of hers!

She's fine now anyway, and Leo is waiting for normal surgery to resume at which point he'll go in and come out 2 stone lighter if you get my drift.

Marcus (the 2 legged one) has got some tummy bug with a runny (and horrendously burnt) bum poor wee tot, change his nappy and watch him wandering around like John Wayne for 5 mins.

Just waiting for him to head to bed and it to cool down a little more before I head out to play with the horses.

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