Sunday, April 17, 2011

Musings on Forms and the Formless

or the Manifested and the Unmanifested :)

Have had a great start to the weekend, with plenty of Eckhart Tolle, plenty of acceptance, a little kink in the serenity so I had to decide, was I going to say something about it, or accept it.... I decided what I wanted to know lay within the realms of ego so decided I was not going to ask it at all, it was not ultimately important and then had it answered a couple of hours later anyway LOL. I also had a couple of epiphanies (I like that word!) The first one came about with a what may need a little back ground explanation... The person who I have been working the Eckhart Tolle stuff with (let's call him Bruce to protect his identity - oh hang on, his name IS Bruce LOL) has since I found my acceptance been losing his own peacefulness (timing is always great for these things eh, I REALLY needed to have found my Peace for this, just as he still needed his while I was doing battle with my pain body ego prior!) It has been noticeable to me, and I've just been keeping myself centered and tried to be encouraging with the Tolle stuff without antagonising etc, knowing he'd find his way out the other end just like I did.... however while he was living more in the realms of the "mind" or ego it had been really hard for me to sense that "Awareness" or God in him, which prior I'd been able to recognise so easily! So anyway, the last few days, I'd been aware of the shift back in him to that more centeredness which I must say was a relief LOL and this morning I was trying to sense that Awareness again. I started with it in myself, pretty easy, took it then to outside of myself, pretty easy, and then pushed it that little bit further to find it in Bruce and all of a sudden it was all linked together!!! There was no separation between us or what was between us by way of space, it was one of those "OOOOOH! WOW!" moments, unfortunately the "OOOOOH!" distracted me from what I had sensed and it dropped away again, but it was really incredible for that brief moment of time! No separation.... all One... to believe that is one thing, but to experience it is a whole 'nother thing!

So having lost that Oneness aspect of it but still sensing that Force within myself I asked where it was in Bruce, why I couldn't find it as easily in him when he was caught up in his own mind, and it answered that is WAS Bruce... I guess I'd been thinking of any of us as "Godly" when we were conscious and living egoless and as "human" when we were caught up in ego and mind... I'd put an additional separation and judgment in there and was reminded that that Intelligence that is the Creator and Creation IS that creation! Not just a part of it, but it IS our personalities and our ego's as well, not just the "best bits" of us! A silly thing to have to be reminded of I guess, but a good reminder! And of course helpful in being able to find/recognise that Force that I was trying to sense in others.

Later watching some ET (Eckhart Tolle is just too long to type out every time!) DVD he was talking about time and how fleeting it is. How if we could watch a sped up recording of anything for 3000 yrs we'd see how even the most solid thing in this world of form decays and simply crumbles away and how this should help remind us not to identify with the world of form (as in be ruled by it and identify so completely with it and 'Time'). However I got something else out of that.... much like the young cat I reported about 6 mths ago and his take of ego being for the purpose of giving us some separation so we didn't lose ourselves in the "whole" again later, I got from this "forms" being temporary compared to the Source that is the formless, that we are here, manifested in form to experience what the unmanifested cannot... The God Force, the Energy that is both Creator and Created, is infinite and thus I guess, in majority it is unmanifested (non physical) energy.... a non physical energy has nothing to 'sense' does it? And yet here we are, experiencing a purely physical dimension, experiencing touch, taste, sight and sound, all of which can ONLY be experienced by this Source through us! Each sense is precious, and more precious because time is so fleeting... once we return to the Source Energy, we will no longer have the capacity to touch, to feel a loved ones face, to see them with eyes, to hear their voice with ears. Oh yes, we'll KNOW it, as the Source KNOWS it, but it knows it without having experienced it like we can as a manifested individual. It only knows it through us! How precious a gift, be have this tiny piece of time and form to do with what we will.... to experience what we can particularly in a physical sense... to the unmanifested Love is all that there is, to us there is Love coupled with touch, with sight, with pride, with lust, with all manner of things that only WE can bring into the equation, what a gift for us, what a gift we are to the Source.

Everything in our world is so temporary and so very very precious and yet the loss of it is nothing to be mourned, it will not cease to exist afterwards, it is not reliant on our memories, it is and will always be a part of the Creation and the Creator, an experience of expansion, glorious and vital and oh so important! Pay attention to what your senses give you, pay attention to what your eye falls on, what your ears hear. Pay attention to what your skin feels and to what you taste, let it be a miracle even if it's just once in a while, the experience of our physical senses is as I see it a vital part of what we can give to the Whole, of our gift back to the Creative Energy, something it cannot have without us being present, and something it receives so much more if we are AWARE when we are experiencing it...

Can you tell that really struck a chord with me today? LOL

So a wonderful start to the weekend, I love learning new things, I don't care if that is ego based LOL, I love it! That new knowledge, that new awareness, the newness to experiences it brings. I hope you guys can find some 'newness' too, to "see the world thru a childs eyes" as some famous person once said LOL.

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