Saturday, April 30, 2011

Musings on Space

Well 'space' was the first topic to come up, 'surrender' was a close follower and while watching Jet Li in 'Hero' tonight, the scene in which the 2 love birds Broken Sword and Flying Snow fight and Broken Sword drops his sword at the last moment at which point of course he is stabbed by Flying Snow... She says to him "why didn't you fend off my sword?" and he replies "so that you'd believe me." Of course what followed when she knelt behind him after he had died and told him she was taking him home now and pushed the sword right through him and into her was even sadder *sob* but rolling with the "S" words it brought up 'sacrifice'.... All of which are applicable and relevant to me right now. Who knows how long each one will end up, so I may break it into 3 different posts, lets see how fast I can type, only got 8 hours in a shift! LOL (luckily the post time of these posts goes off the start time and not the finish time hehehe)

Space, the final frontier... Eckhart Tolle talks about Space as being that in which other things exist, or the space that allows something to Be... A nice way to describe it, the space which allows something to Be. Of course generally when we think of space it conjures up thoughts of emptiness doesn't it, so giving someone space means giving them an empty place, but when you consider that space, in the context of something which allows something to Be, you would have to be talking about unmanifested Energy, or God, at which point Space becomes nothing but Love, and Love is anything but empty, but Love will always give you space in which you can Be...

My God, but when I look at what I've learnt in the last 4 mths I think it's more than I've learned in my entire life to this point, those stepping stones in life are just always there at the right time in the right place huh? Who knows where you'll find the next one, hidden in the mists of time, but hell you're always thankful for the ones behind you, and the one you're jumping on right now, well, I guess, that one is the single most important one since you're balancing on it LOL. The things I believed before, I now KNOW to be true. I know of the interconnectedness of all things, I know how to still the mind enough to recognise the ego, heck just today, I heard it SHOUTING at me, like a completely different person in my head, "ARE YOU CRAZY??? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!" LOL, I know what that Space is, that Space is within me too, I can take refuge in that Space, that Love, I can turn to that when I feel puny and like I'm sinking, and that Spaciousness just lets me Be, and the Love lets me have Peace, and the ego finds it harder and harder to be heard. I've also learned how hard it can be to make space for someone in your life, and yet in other respects, how completely easy it is. Perhaps it's as simple as having learnt to recognise Space that it seems natural to try to ensure there is some there, maybe it's just all about timing LOL. Certainly opening your life to make room for someone else is a beautiful thing to do, it sort of reminds you that you are not a 'whole' on your own, everything is connected.

So I guess I've given myself space to just Be, and I've learned how to do that for others too... I've learned what unconditional Love is.... sucky to the ego at times, but it's all that is left when you strip the ego away, no conditions, no expectations, just a plain and simple I Love You no matter what and the Space in which that Love exists. I guess that Space, that Love, that's home... I've been led home and for that I'm eternally grateful, home is, afterall, where the heart is.

Surrender! (heck these aren't taking long at all!!!) I have a tattoo on my wrist in Chinese calligraphy that in it's most simple translation equates I guess to "surrender". Hadn't actually thought of it as that before, but when I was thinking about what surrender means, then I guess it does in fact mean that. How can you fight what is??? You can't!!! What is, IS, and it's going to be that no matter what you do, so why would you cause yourself pain or anguish or anger and hatred about something that very simply is??? Surrender to what Is, surrender to the Love in which that which Is is found! Labeling it good or bad, right or wrong, will do nothing to alter what is, only how you perceive it to be, I prefer the least painful perceptions thanks!!! I've had enough pain and suffering to last me a lifetime! Now I like to alter my perceptions, it may not be what I would choose for myself if I could control things, but heck it is what is in front of me, so accept it, accept what surrounds that situation as that which is within me too... accept the fact that all is connected, surrender to that and make your peace with what Is. As ET would say "anything else is insanity".

It makes me feel a bit like someone working a 12 step program, but where I've always believed God helps those who help themselves, I understand now that while that is true, there are things you CAN surrender - control, ego, fear based things. The universe is unfolding as it should, you can bash your head against the brick wall trying to stop it, or you can yield to it, surrender to it, go with it and who knows, maybe you'll find out that what the universe had planned for you far exceeded what you'd hoped for anyway!

And that brings us to the last of the three... Sacrifice, the surrendering of something for the sake of something else.

Life is so short, so precious, this experience of 'form' so vibrant so 'alive' that it seems like a crime to waste any part of it, but sometimes for the Peace of another you need to make a sacrifice.

A lot of parents or even animal owners say it's easy eh... I'd lay down my life for my children or animals, and yes, when we see a threat to the safety or well being of a loved one it's a pretty easy call to make! When you love them enough that you put them first without thought of return or reward knowing you are saving them from a physical harm. Is it harder to contemplate when there is no physical harm being threatened? Hell yes! Particularly when we are asked to be the sacrifice right? Far too easy for the ego to fall into victim mode and make a story out of the situation that you can then identify with... Poor me! But how can you do anything but what is asked if Love is involved?! How can you not want what is best for the other person, how can you not willingly sacrifice whatever is asked of you? Like a lamb being led to slaughter, there is no real choice in it, you surrender to it because you see the truth of it. In doing it for their sake you are doing it for yours. Having discovered the Love that we are, how can you contemplate withholding that from another? No conditions means freeing them to do what they want to do whether we like it or agree with it or not, it means Loving them enough to allow them to Be. Funnily enough when you get to that point you realise it doesn't cost you anything, any sacrifice for another doesn't take that Love away from you, that Love you have for them doesn't depend on being reciprocated, and that Love will not be diminished unless you (your ego) allows it to be.

Sure, we can make a story out of it, something to identify with, something to give us the right to feel hurt or the bigger person, or whatever, heck, we sacrificed our happiness for them, or our love for them, but if we can tell a story honestly, if we can do it from total Love, we can say we sacrificed our ego for them... I reckon we are the winners then! :o)

Everything comes with a gift in it's hand for us, it is up to us to identify that and take hold of it... Appreciate the gifts you receive and Love those who have sacrificed things of their own that we may get them, whether they are aware of the sacrifice or not.

Lots and lots of learning, lots and lots of making sure I stay in Love, I guess while I may want things to be different, I can't complain when I keep finding gifts can I?!

I hope you all can find Peace and Love, that you can all recognise that you have within you the space to Be, and that you can surrender your ego's to the God/Love that you are.

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