Monday, May 2, 2011

Not really a musing at all ...

saw a lovely clip on you-tube last night put up by someone who has done a lot of video's to Rumi's poetry... this one was a clip about kisses... snippets of lots of different poetry etc, was very cool, thought I'd do something about that sort of thing myself and as it was a busy night at work tonight and not much spare time it's lucky it's short to boot LOL

When you are in the embrace, become the embrace, Become the kiss ~ Osho

The world is born when 2 people kiss ~ Octavio Paz

Lovers meet under a starry sky,
coming together to create one soul
Passions igniting, blood burning,
as their lips meet, their bodies share secrets
The self melts away and is replaced with Self
Neither knowing where they stop and the other begins.
As the Love vibrations merge and magnify
It ripples out into the Universe
and in their Loving God quivers in rapture.

And just because this song popped into my head while thinking about it yesterday :o)
The Power of Love - Frankie Goes to Hollywood

This time we go sublime
Lovers entwine devine devine
Love is danger, Love is pleasure
Love is pure, the only treasure

I'm so in love with you
purge the soul
make love your goal.

the power of love
a force from above
cleaning my soul.

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