Saturday, May 7, 2011

An Early Musing on Reality

Early because my house is empty and quiet and I need a distraction...

What is real? What is illusion? Can an illusion be real?

I was just talking about this with a very dear friend and it's interesting to see how understandings on something can differ so much according to an individuals perspective.

To me it's very simple, everything is real, even a supposed illusion. If it exists it is "real" even if it exists for a finite time. Just because in a hundred years I no longer exist in form doesn't mean I'm not "real." I look at it very simplistically (being complicated is far too hard, I do like simple it appeals to my lazy nature ;o) if everything is "God" and God is infinite then EVERYTHING MUST be real. The base energy of everything be it a fridge, a person, a planet, space, or the unmanifested energy beyond all of that is Ultimately all the same energy. All vibrating at different frequencies, but not different energy, therefore it stands to reason that if you consider this creative force - God - to be real then everything must be real. Just because energy frequencies change, giving rise to some aspects of the manifestation of that energy being limited in 'time' (the illusion here!) doesn't make that form un-real.

I know some teachers, point to this world of form being almost an illusion, and that only the infinite Awareness is real, but I do think they are talking in very simplistic terms to get a very valid point across. To stop us identifying ONLY with the forms around us, to get us out of mind (ego) identification, and that is a valid concept as a pointer to the bigger picture. The same way some teachers point to the fact that ego is not real either, just an 'off' energy vibration, the thing is, it IS an energy vibration, and being anything at all, it is therefore a part of "God" and as real as anything else. Sure the energy frequency can be altered! No arguments there, sure it can be transformed by subjecting it to the higher frequency of Love, but no matter how it appears right now, it exists! Therefore it is real!

Is this hand I look at real? Does it touch and feel? If I cut it will it bleed? This hand is very real, right Now, in this form it is in and being observed in.

Is it illusion? What is an illusion? One definition is "a false appearance or deceptive impression of reality: the mirror gives an illusion of depth."

In that case, for the majority of people on this planet I guess those teachers talking about the world of form being illusion, are correct! For those locked in identification with mind, in identification with form, then yes, it is a false appearance of reality. Reality is this AND MORE!!! If you cannot see the more and think this is all there is, then yes, it's deceptive and a false impression of Reality, however if you KNOW the truth, if you understand with more than just your mind that we ARE the infinite Source then no, it's not an illusion at all, it's just a part of the Whole truth!

Ah bugger, that's only taken 1/2 an hour of musing and I have too much spare time ahead of me... lets see what else I can come up with to add on here...

Are You Real?

Are you a dream? Will you have slipped away in a fog of memory when I wake? Are you illusion, pretending to be here with me now but in reality you are elsewhere? Can I be close to you when we are apart? Are you Real?

Is what I feel for you love? Is the wanting I feel real? Is it an illusion when I think of you as a gift of God?

What is real? This Love? These feelings? This touch?
Is it illusion? These doubts? These thoughts? The loneliness when you are still beside me?

I ask Myself and out of the Stillness I am answered... Nothing but Love is Real, and All is Love. Why do you doubt what is Real? Why do you doubt Love? Why do you withhold the ecstasy, the expansion and the truth of Love from yourself? I created you as perfect, I created you from Love, you are nothing less and can be nothing more, I Am you and I Am Love and you are blessed by Me as Me. LOVE and Love more, without fear, with abandon, without hesitation, with Me. Love will never leave you, your Love is infinite. Our Love does not depend on anything else to Be, it is complete and it is Real. Your fears are illusion, your fears cannot be realised, you can never lose Love, you can never lose the Loved, you will never be alone, we are One, you and he and I, we are the same, never hold back, never try to be less, never fear loss, loss is illusion, I Am infinite and Love is infinite and eternal, never to be lost, but often to be found. Put down your fears, put down your doubts and Love as I Am Love, completely and fully.

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