Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Cosmos

The Cosmos
(a complete, orderly, harmonious system)

How does a cosmos appear to you?
Do you see it's order in a well kept house or the aesthetically pleasing clean lines of a skyscraper?
Do you see it's harmony in a structured society or a set or laws to keep order?
Do you see it's perfection in the uniform blades of a freshly mown lawn, or a landscaped garden?
Do you cling to a man made Cosmos that enhances your feelings of control and security?
Can you see it's order in a field of wild flowers, colours splattered like a child's finger painting?
Can you see it's harmony in both a drought and a flood? In the destruction and cleansing they bring?
Can you see it's perfection in the new life growing from the rotting tree in a forest growing wherever their seed fell seemingly random and chaotic?
Can you open the box you've put the universe into and see a cosmos in whatever your eye falls on?
Creation is perfect, Creation is harmonious, Creation is complete, Creation is all there is.
The earth moves around the sun, people are born and people die, the tides sweep in and they flow back out.
Where our limited eye sees chaos, Creation sees perfection, expansion and contraction, as is the natural order.
Whether your mind is expanding or contracting, it doesn't matter, it is still of the cosmos, a perfect, whole, harmonious cosmos.

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