Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to Live ... According to Me :o)

Question anything, seek your own understanding and your own answers, you are not reinventing the wheel you are seeking your own propulsion system!

Don't accept what others tell you blindly, things must make sense to you personally with depth or they will not stand up in times of crisis.

Remember a crisis is just a time of learning! Accept what is happening right now, if you fight against it you will simply get a sore head from bashing it against that brick wall. The Universe is bigger than you, it knows more than you, it WILL unfold as it should, go with the flow!

Pain will happen! Misery however is optional.

You may be broke, this is a temporary situation... Being poor is a state of mind, choose your thoughts and words carefully!

Positive or negative, flip sides of the same coin, but when you can see one side in fullness, the other side is not seen, if you are sick of being negative, turn the coin over and be positive, it is that simple.

If you're into balance, set that coin spinning on its edge and watch the two sides merge!

Find your balance! Know your capabilities and then stretch them. Like a muscle that will atrophy with disuse, your comfort zone if not stretched will atrophy and become smaller and smaller until it becomes your jail cell.

Recognise that the door is always open, if it doesn't look open to you, try the handle, it is always unlocked, don't believe only what your eyes see in front of you, reach out and touch things, push and prod them, see how things work, then you can make them work for you.

Give yourself 100% to your work, whether it be something you love or a means to an end, you are there so make the most of it! Take pride in yourself and what you do.

Don't be scared to pat yourself on the back! Most other people are so wrapped up in their own circumstances they pay no attention to what is going on around them, so you may not get a "well done" from anyone else. If you deserve it, take it! If you don't deserve it, earn it first.

Remember to share the feel good factor, remember everyone around you is the centre of their own universe, introduce them to a larger universe by inserting some feel good factor into theirs. It will help them look up and out.

If you can't Love everyone around you, remember instead that they too are struggling with that. If you can't Love them, empathise with them. You are in the same world, facing the same challenges, swimming in the same tide.

If you can't Love yourself, Love someone else until you can.

If you can't Love yourself or anyone else, get a dog.

If you have any questions no one can answer for you, ask yourself, you'd be surprised at just how wise you can be.

Remember to LIVE!!! No matter what your beliefs, this life is pretty much all we remember, so live it up! Don't sweat the small stuff, don't sweat the big stuff, just live as if this is your last day on earth.

Have no regrets, make peace with your past, act in the present, and always look forward to possibilities of the future.

But remember, the future will not save you from present unhappiness, only you can do that RIGHT NOW!

Now is all you have. Now you can either bask in Joy, Peace and Love and be happy, or you can truly FEEL any other emotion. Don't dwell on why you feel it, it's either from the past, or a fear of the future, but examine the feeling of the sorrow, the anger, the jealousy, LOOK at that feeling and realise it is not truly you, but a reaction to an experience.

WHO You are is a particle of Light, a Spark of the Eternal, you are NOT pain, or sorrow, you are not anger or hate, you simply experience these feelings as part of your learning here.

Let yourself be more than your emotions.

Let yourself Live.

I actually wrote this back in February and basically straight afterwards had a full on battle with ego over some things, even I was challenged to follow my own advice!!!! But we got back there and into balance again LOL.

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Sharon said...

Thats some pretty heavy stuff. I like it though, good advice :)