Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Light in the Darkness

All in front is darkness.
Fears are alive,
The incessant voice in my head
Feeding pictures of horrors
and dangers ahead.
Fears that have me rooted to the spot.
Thoughts tumbling over each other
My mind is urging me to run
"Run! Turn and run!"
That is the voice of survival!
That is a voice to heed!
But before I can act on it
I feel a presence behind me
So horrified that I freeze.
Mind and body completely still
and in that stillness I realise
my eyes are firmly shut!
I open them, slowly, carefully
and in front of me I see the darkness
of my own shadow.
Turning slowly around
I see the Source
of Light that created that shadow,
a shadow that only exists because
I had turned my back on the Light.
And in that moment, out of the Stillness
I realise darkness is never as deep,
Never as horrifying as that which we see
when our eyes are closed.

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