Monday, May 9, 2011

and by special request

a story...

When is Love Wrong?

I won this round. This time I got my way! After all, last couple of times I gave in and you won, so it's only fair that it's my turn this time round! After all a loving relationship is all about compromise isn't it!

We give and we take and we maintain a harmonious balance, we agree, we disagree, but heck at least we communicate! Sometimes I'm right and you're wrong, sometimes (not often) it's the other way round.

We're doing everything right and better still we still love each other.

So why then do I see cracks appearing around me? Why do I feel like I'm in a condemned building? Fighting to save my home but all I have is a hammer and a nail and I just know it's not going to work.

After all, we're doing everything right!

The cracks widen, the structure is trembling and I feel as insecure as I possibly could in this shaky building, but still I'm fighting to fix things, with a hammer, and one nail at a time, I will not quit!

Before my eyes my home is collapsing, like slow motion, walls that kept me safe and secure, a ceiling that sheltered me, this house of love is falling away, leaving me vulnerable and shaken to the core. All my compromises lie broken at my feet, all the communication shattered around me, all the rights and wrongs scattering like dust on the wind.

What was so wrong with my love that is could not stand the test of time? What is left to me now?

I feel the warmth of the sun shining down on my head, I hear the breeze whispering in my ear, I see beyond the walls of my heart. I recognise Love and in that Love I find there is no right or wrong. It's not that there is no room for judgements, it's that there is no NEED for judgements.

There was no room in my home, inside those walls, for a lot of things, but here with no boundaries, with nothing but Love there is no limit.

I do not need to be right, I do not need you to be wrong, I do not need to compromise because there is no compromise. This Love just is.... it is perfection, it is understanding, it is respect and compassion, it is ego less and all encompassing and it has no walls and no end.

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