Monday, May 2, 2011

Who Am I?

Asked some friends for a few more topics to blurb on about and have got some interesting ones! Well, interesting to me LOL. This one is one that could be so many answers on so many levels and I know I tend to be long winded anyway, so I'll TRY to keep this as concise as possible!

Wow, how this answer has changed over the years! How it's changed just in the last couple of months!

Who am I? I'm Kelley-Anne. Born and bred in New Zealand. Raised Catholic, married at 19, was a mechanic, a cop, married again at 33, a mum and now all sorts of things including an Animal Communicator.

That's just a teeny part of my background that makes up who or what I am, all those past experiences shaping me, moulding my outlooks, my beliefs, strengthening parts of me, weakening others, leading me down certain paths and keeping me away from others. Although there were some problem areas in my past, I have always looked for positives from them, I learned how to look for lessons, find the gifts and say thank you for whatever was chucked at me. I started recognising things with hindsight which I was aware of enough that when the shit hits the fan in situations I'm IN I can start looking for reasons and if they remain unseen, I can at least look for the gifts so I don't get dragged into the negativity the same anymore.

All that was happening along side of the questioning "why are we here?" "What is real?" "What IS God?" and so that personal growth came along side tearing apart my beliefs, re evaluating them and making them fit me personally. I needed answers that the Catholic Church couldn't give me to my satisfaction, so I decided what it was I believed and what I didn't and it brought me comfort and peace, and like I said to a mate... "who cares if it's wrong? I won't know till after I'm dead anyway and even if it's wrong then it did it's job NOW, and that's what I needed."

Then I found some people who backed up what I believed anyway! That was nice to know people who could get books published and were "well known" thought the same sort of thing that I did!

The years tick on by, times of stagnation, times of preparation, and then times of big change and each bit I look back on from the vantage point of now and can see how it all fits together like a ladder to bring to me this point right here, right now, and dang, but this is an incredible point to be at! What I believed I'm now 'experiencing' this is what I've been aching for for years!

So in the deepest sense of "who" I am, I've never changed, I'm energy vibrating at a particular frequency giving the illusion of solid matter, I have a sense of self and an awareness of that which is "more" than just what we can see. I am a child of "God" (is as good a word as any!) and as a part of that Creation, I am made up of that infinite energy source, so although it seems an incredibly simplistic thing to say, I have come to know I Am God.

Who I am is God, who I am is also Kelley-Anne, the witness to God. Without us witnessing God, God would very simply be 'energy', with us witnessing God, with us reflecting God, we and God are both more than that, we are consciousness, awareness and Love.

God sees through our eyes... when we look around us and see 'things' God sees 'things'. When we look around us with the knowledge that whatever our eye sets upon we are looking at a part of ourselves, a part of God, God becomes self aware, God sees itself and God is then God, not just an electromagnetic energy that fluked creation by the nature of the energy it is.

Who am I? I am you, I am the word you read, the breath you take, I Am :o)

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