Sunday, May 8, 2011

Musings on Freedom

When I think of freedom I automatically think of "getting free" which makes me picture a prisoner of some sort, and yet more often than not freedom comes from a shift in perception, than a physical release doesn't it?

Most of what traps us is in our own heads, and if it 'traps' us then it is perceived as a negative thing and if you've been following along my musings, we should all know by now, a negative thing is ego based right? So without going back over what ego is (a post back in April if you missed it and care to read my nocturnal musings on it) lets look more at the freedom from it aspect.

When you think of freedom in your life what do you think of? Financial freedom, stemming from a lack? Freedom from a relationship? Ego sabotaged that too? Freedom from a health issue? Freedom from responsibilties? For me, personally, right now, today, I'd have to say the freedom I want is to be loved as wholly as I can be loved, and even that just took me 5 mins to think of LOL. You see, to all extents and purposes I feel free! Sure day to day life can say "where is the money to pay the bills?" it can say "you can't go anywhere else you have a trillion animals you are responsible for." But whatever that day to day life says to me, I chose, I had the freedom of making that decision and I decided. If I discover it's a wrong decision later I have the freedom of making a new choice later, but the freedom is making your choices, the dizzying thought that no one else can make those choices for you unless you hand them that power, and even that is a choice you made and one that can be re chosen later if necessary. What makes this type of thing a freedom rather than a normal day to day life? The fact that we live ruled by ego and it's fears. The fears of making a bad choice, of being stuck with a bad choice, of that choice causing pain, whether it be to yourself or another. Fear of then being trapped, fear of losing ourselves and our wants and desires through a choice or lack of one. All fears of future events that may or may not happen. This freedom from these fears SHOULD be normal for us, but sadly we are generally stuck right in the middle of them and see being free of them as something outside of the norm, something considered by some as almost miraculous!

So the common sense question would be how do we find our freedom from those fears right? By recognising it as ego! So simple! You are not your ego, you are not your fears, your doubts or your pain. You are the being that sees these things, you are the one who listens to the voice, but you are NOT the voice!

Ego doesn't want you to have freedom! If you have freedom, you have no need to listen to its rants, it's ideas, it's insecurities. If you have freedom you have peace and confidence and dare I say it, the all elusive happiness! How long does ego let you be happy for before it does something, anything to sabotage that? I'm gonna do some musings on WHY ego sabotages us like that I think, why when it craves happiness and love and security but it ruins that when we finally find it? We know it does it, look back on your life and I'm sure any one of us could pick at least 10 BIG things in your life where you can say it was ruined because of a fear of some sort, but why? Silly little ego, the things it says it wants most it is most scared of getting!

So freedom is what that good old Love vibration called God gives us... the freedom to make a choice, right or wrong, good or bad, doesn't matter, that's all mind made perceptions anyway, but we are free to choose. If we choose a way that takes us away from harmony with the Whole, they will offer us the choice again, perhaps not in exactly the same form, but it's offered nonetheless. Part of what I used to calling 'passing the tests'. The tests are put in front of you, if you make the wrong choice and fail the test, you will have to sit it again. Does that mean you ultimately have no freedom? That you must choose 'correctly' or be doomed to repeat situations? If you want to look at it like that then I guess you could be right, you have trapped yourself again! If you want to see the ultimate freedom is being in synch with the universe then those tests are just stepping stones to getting to the best possible place to be eh! You can still make your choices! You know what the results will be.... move on and grow, or repeat... the choice is still yours, you are still free to repeat if you like doing that LOL.

Freedom is a state of mind.

Freedom is being free from comparisons, judgements and fears.

Freedom is being liberated from the control of the ego.

That freedom is worth fighting for!

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