Sunday, April 10, 2011

WOW! Where did the last 3 months go?!

Time sure does fly when you are busy! So much has happened in the last 3 months, a quick over view just to catch you up and then on with the show!

Pete and I have separated, Marcus and I are still living on the property with the critters, Marcus will be 5 in 10 days time and then off to school, so I've been sourcing "work" to help pay the bills and getting ready to try to take on a mortgage to buy Pete out of the property... So I'm now doing Saturday and Sunday night shifts at a flash Hotel in town as a "Night Manager" certainly cuts into the weekend but it was very handy as Pete is having Marcus every weekend anyway and those 2 nights with collecting the eggs on the weekend is covering the bills OK.

Then I decided to go truck driving! So have done the first truck licence to drive up to 18 ton trucks, done the forklift, wheels, tracks and rollers so I can play on the machinery too, can do the next truck licence after the 18th May (so I can play on the 6 and 8 wheelers etc) and then 3 mths after that I can do the trailers licence too. I rocked on up to the local Transport company that I've had do a bit of work for me so they knew my face, asked if I could just hang out and work with the guys there and learn what I needed to learn while Marcus was just around the corner at kindy, they were fantastic enough to say yes, sent me out on my own in the truck on the 3rd day and are now paying me too, beautiful people! Go Renwick Transport Ltd! LOL. So I'm having a ball driving the trucks etc, Marcus gets to come with me some afternoons after I pick him up from kindy, he waves furiously at all the other trucks we see trying to get them all to wave back LOL. A bit short of hours at the moment, it's grape harvest time so they have a few extra drivers around and it sort of cuts into the hours I could work, but once Marcus is at school and I have the next licence I should be in a much better place to put the hours in and get the hours work that I need to be able to chuck the night shift in!

I have been actively working Eckhart Tolle's stuff and although there have been some hiccups along the way, I am learning so much and really am thrilled to bits with where my learning is right now.

The person I was discussing all the Power of Now stuff with has been a "complication" albeit a lovely one as things have developed there and I seem to have bounced from a rather empty marriage into a very full on relationship and we don't even live in the same town, can be a bit hard, but that too has forced me into some full on learning and working the Power of Now stuff so I can stay centered and grounded and all the rest of it.

Thankfully the communication work has been reasonably quiet because I've been EXHAUSTED!!!! Although I have a couple here that I need to get done NOW, although of course after only 4 hours sleep in the last 2 1/2 days it just doesn't end up happening! I refuse to short change the animals I talk to and their people by only giving it 1/2 my attention, but I must get to bed on Monday at the same time as Marcus (6pm LOL) and catch up so I can get these babies done!

So everything has changed and is still changing and life can feel a tad surreal right now.

Because the communication work has been a little quiet and I've been actively applying Eckhart Tolle's teachings I've been "communicating" more with that Presence or God Force as I've been doing it and learning to release the ego etc and last night on night shift I decided to make use of some of my time there and examine some different things that I'm working thru and just jot them down.... so for lack of anywhere else to put these musings I'm going to throw them in the blog!

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