Monday, April 18, 2011

Musings on what God would say...

I thought tonight I would do it a little differently :o) I had thought of a topic while in the shower tonight but promptly forgot it again so have gone with this instead... a conversation between the Creator in whatever form it takes for you and a Human Being in the grips of ego...

God Says...

"Why do you break My heart?"

"It is not me doing anything to you, I have my own problems!"

"Why do you bring Me such pain?"

"I'm not doing anything to you! I have enough pain of my own!! What makes you think I would want to pass that on?"

"Why do you continue to hurt Me so?"

"Why do you say such things? I've told you it's not me, I don't know what you're talking about!"

"You have taken things that are not rightfully yours and now you hold on more tightly to them than what is yours by right. What is worse is that you don't even truly want what you have taken and yet now it is in your possession you cling to it as if to stop the owner returning and reclaiming what is theirs!"

"You have me all wrong, I would take nothing from someone else, I would do nothing to cause them pain, my intentions are good, why do you accuse me of this?!"

"You have picked up fear, you are holding tightly to insecurities, you have clothed yourself in anger, sadness and pain, be aware these are not yours, you have no right to these, let them go! Put them down! Claim no ownership of them!

"You turn to Me with these things and you place the blame for them at My feet, you say it's not your fault, you deny responsibility for picking them up, yet no one gave them to you! No one said to you 'here take these, I have crafted them specifically for you,' no one offered them to you as gifts, and yet you have them in your possession!

"You say you do not cause Me pain, you say you do not break My heart and yet you do these things to yourself with your ill gotten gains. Do you not see we are the same? Do you not see My Light within you? Do you not realise you are a part of Me? As you hurt yourself with your fears, you twist a knife in My side. As you blame everything and everyone else for your state of Being, My Being shudders under the onslaught of your violence. As you hold on to the pain of your Unconsciousness your heart bleeds and Mine breaks for the suffering you cause yourself, for what you do to yourself you do to Me.

"You say you would never hurt anyone and that your intentions are good and yet you bully yourself, you have no tolerance for yourself, you judge and condem yourself and your own actions or lack thereof. You are never good enough, you never have enough, you ridicule your own dreams and bemoan your lack, and with all of this you slap Me in the face and you tell Me I Am not enough for you.

"Like a willful child seeking attention, you cause yourself pain, and cry out for help as you turn away from that help. You say it is not you doing it and yet the part of you doing this is of you and you are of Me and thus we are One and now I must watch you suffering, and now I must feel your pain. Because you are the most precious of my Love I gave you the greatest gift of all, I gave you Will, and now I must watch you use that as you claim ownership of these things as if a common thief.

"They are not gifts for you! Put them down! Use my gift of Will to choose to return these things to their rightful heir, use the power of your Will to recognise what it is you have done and rectify this. Take off the mantle of pain you wear like a fine robe, take off the crown of unconsciousness, put down the sorrow, the anger, the jealousy. Let go of the fear, the despair, the anxiety!"

"I didn't know! I didn't see! Where shall I leave these things? Who do I return them to? You know I don't want them if they are not rightfully mine! But what is truly mine? What will I have left if I give them away? "

"Lay them at my feet for they are Mine. You have separated them out from the Whole, experienced them and now they get returned to Me. There is no requirement for you to take possession of them again, but my loved one, due to your Will, I know sometimes you will be a thief in the night and want to claim these things again for yourself. And you will hurt yourself, and you will hurt Me and when you've had enough of that pain, of that self destruction, I will again tell you to return them to their owner, and in that moment again before releasing them, you'll again ask, 'what will I have left if I give them away?' and I will tell you that you already have everything you desire and you always will. If you desire it you have Love, if you desire it you have Peace. If you desire it you have Joy. If you desire it you have dissatisfaction. If you desire it you have pain. If you desire it you have loss. I have already given you Everything, should you desire it, it is Yours, and All I have ever given you is Love..."

Nothing that comes and goes is you.
"I'm bored." Who knows this?
"I'm angry, sad, afraid." Who knows this?
You are the knowing, not the condition that is known.
~ Eckhart Tolle

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